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and working in New York

and working in São Paulo

on Domino


and working in New York

on Domino

Self portrait for Monster Children mag, 2011.

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Building products & solving problems. Currently accepting new friendships.
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Currently, exploring a new city & new opportunities. Message me.

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Recently, wearing hats & working with a startup to get their product to market. My role is all-encompasing and includes: product strategy, design + front-end development, business model design, sales & marketing strategy & helping build & manage the product team.

I co-founded Domino to help freelancers find work through their friends. (Finding consistent well paying work is a freelancer's #1 challenge)

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One of Domino's side projects is Fast Track, an attempt to create the fastest, simplest, most focused time/activity tracker possible.There's something really enjoyable about creating a product that just does one single thing really well.

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Roadtrip is an interview magazine by Domino. The participants themselves choose the questions and decide who answers them. It's a small luxury to create a project built for chaos and designed to spiral out of control in a world that overvalues precision and control.

Want to fall down the rabbit hole? ADR is my design research channel. The goal is to foster combinatorial creativity by collecting a large range of different material.

One of my goals for 2017 was to develop a consistent writing habit. If you're interested in casual observations on product design, philosophy, epistemology and meaning then you may like it. If you do check it out, send some criticism my way. I want to keep improving.

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Latitude Zero was a single issue travel magazine that emphasized the journey over the destination. Originally pitched to Airbnb, we made it our own & distributed it directly to travelers at various points of departure throughout New York City.

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Trippple Nippples is a photo book made up of 5 loose saddle-stitched signatures. It features images shot while on tour with the Japanese art-rock band between 2010 and 2012. It's nearly sold out, though I still have some personal copies left. HMU if you want one. 11.5x8.5" ⋅ 80 pages ⋅ Photographs & text ⋅ Coated and uncoated stock ⋅ Saddle stitched signatures ⋅ Matte cover ⋅ Contained within a plastic sleeve ⋅ Designed with Sinisa Mackovic.

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VOID was a black and white newsprint magazine featuring photos shot during & around New York Fashion Week, distributed to guests at the Ace Hotel. It was an antidote to the booooooooring photos you see plastered everywhere else and an excuse to do something different. Design: James Kape & Briton Smith. Art Direction: Joshua Gurrie & Rob Meyers

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"Fashion Week" was an intermittent 4 year project to build a surreal narrative disassociated from the event itself, and the inspiration for creating VOID.

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In the summer of 2012 I ran an open air bazaar on Greenpoint Ave. Outlet bartered my unwanted possessions in exchange for video footage of the oblivious new owners picking up these items.

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"On Tour" is a chronicle of the numerous music festivals I toured with around Australia at the beginning of my photography career.

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Portrait Study

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Portrait Study After Schiele

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Published in

Design Genius (lol)
Vice Photo Annual 2011
Monster Children Photo Annual 2011
Dazed & Confused
NY Mag
Sydney Morning Herald
Japan Times
& a bunch of others I've forgotten

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Outlet Gallery NY
Monster Children Gallery Sydney
Alaska Projects Sydney
Poppositions Brussels
Some gallery somewhere in France